Communicating with colleagues is important. Effective communication is essential for the success of any individual in life. What do we mean by effective communication? Communication is getting your point across to people. Effective communication is arousing an eager want in the people to put your thoughts into practice. If you are able to do so, you take the world along with you. If not, be ready to walk your path alone.

Laura Porreca emphasizes these points in ample measure in her lectures, aptly called “7 daily habits.”

How do you communicate effectively? Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can pass orders. However, how do you get your subordinates and colleagues to follow them? The answer is quite simple. You should communicate your points in such a way that would arouse an interest in them to follow your ideas. For example, if you tell a child not to eat chocolates, what do you think it will do? It will go for the pack of chocolates the first thing behind your back. However, if you explain to the child the ill effects of doing so with concrete examples, she will understand the same and think twice before reaching out for the chocolate packet. The world works in the same way.

The main issue is to connect with people. Speaking to people in the language and mode they understand better is one of the keys to success. When you connect with people you treat them as equals. This prompts you to entrust responsibilities on them. At the same time, you empower them to fulfill the responsibilities as well.

The main aspect is giving credit wherever it is due. Everyone in the world craves for appreciation. When you appreciate the efforts of people, you make them feel important. Automatically you ensure that you achieve the objective as well. A few kind words can always do the trick.

Remember, “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.”