How to Positively Deal with Obstacles in Your Life
Every now and then we encounter obstacles that seem insurmountable. These obstacles can cause a lot of distress in our lives and they tend to incapacitate its victim so that they are not adequately prepared to deal with the tasks ahead. It is important to remember that everyone encounters obstacles. It is part of the journey and once you overcome them you’ll come out feeling energized and fulfilled.

Develop Self Awareness
Cultivating a sense of self-awareness is important when dealing with all types of challenges. When faced with problems there is a tendency to deflect and blame people or situations. Self-awareness allows you to objectively assess the rationalizations and negative thoughts. One way to avoid deflecting blame is to focus on what you can control. Instead of complaining that you don’t have time, focus on how you can make time to do what you love.

Focus on the positive
Our brains are wired to sense and avoid danger. It is for this reason that negative information seems to attract more attention than positive information. Allowing negatives thoughts to run through your mind in a loop can cause distress which can, in turn, have a serious impact on your performance.

Write a Journal
Writing a journal is one of the simplest ways to develop a positive attitude and eliminate the risk of anxiety and depression. Writing down how you feel and putting a label on your emotions allow you to positively separate yourself from negative emotions and breakdown repetitive thoughts that can cause anxiety

Embrace Challenges
Instead of looking at the problems you are encountering as obstacles, embrace them as challenges. Going through these challenges boldly and facing your fears head-on helps to build character. Over time, you will realize you are capable of much more than your previously thought, and this will give you the confidence to face even bigger obstacles ahead.