Empowering employees allows a business to grow and thrive. Employees who feel empowered at work tend to have strong job performance and satisfaction.  They also commit to the business or organization.  If you are a manager, you need to realize that your success will depend on other people’s success.  Giving employees generous boundaries helps them perform effectively.  You need to define the boundaries that govern employees’ duties and decision-making.  This way you make them have the freedom to act.

Look at it this way, if you allow your customer service rep to use a certain amount of money to make customers happy, it means you are enabling the rep to take actions but within certain boundaries. For example, they can spend about 20 percent of the annual fees customers pay to keep the same customers happy without necessarily having to consult with the manager.  The customer service rep can come up with ways on how to initiate their strategy of making customers happy and show how they intend to spend that money.

Besides,you want to listen, but intently.  As a manager, don’t try to get workers to say things you only want to hear.  You need to listen to what they say and gauge its truth and try to change your behavior and actions in responding to the truth.  Managers need to believe in collaboration and partnerships among employees.  You cannot build a team of superstars in one day, you need to find out what each employee does best and how they can support and encourage one another.

When you find that your team is making mistakes, don’t blast it off, forgive them but provide a growth path.  Punishing mistakes only serves to encourage conservative behaviors that can bar growth and performance of the team.  However,realize that there is a difference between mission-critical offenses and accept mistakes.  For example, it is fine to test a new method of advertising even if it fails, however, a team that engages in deceptive and false advertising can harm the business.

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