“Laura Porreca has provided me the tools to become a more confident and empowered public speaker. She has helped me build a toolkit that I am able to continue to develop, utilize and practice on my own so I can continue to grow. It has provided me the necessary foundation and platform to set and obtain my objectives. I would highly recommend her as a coach.” – Jodi Roberdes, Director of Architecture

“Laura Porreca, thanks for your help with Lady and the Champs! I appreciate all you did helping us help people go places with smiles on their faces.” – Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking and Founder of Stagetime University

“I have worked with Laura Porreca and value her outstanding contributions to leadership development. She is a recognized expert in knowledge transfer, and can take complicated ideas and strategies and make them relatable to a diverse audience of all ages. Laura Porreca is a leader and director who inspires others to achieve their best. Her insights and strategies will give your organization a competitive advantage.” – Ford Saeks, CEO of Prime Concepts Group.

“In front of a packed audience, Laura Porreca delivered one of the BEST presentations that I have witnessed in over 4 years. Congratulations Laura Porreca, you nailed it. A perfect 10.”  – Bruce Merrin, Owner, Celebrity Speakers Entertainment Bureau