Most of us hardly think deeply. We barely utilize our brain. When you have an assignment to complete, you will probably read a little about it online and use your experience and knowledge to complete it. The idea is to get it done on time and dispense with the task.

Take Your Time
Unfortunately, that process only results in duplication. You end up with results similar to those available. What do you need to break that cycle? First, you’ve got to make every assignment personal. Possess it as you would something you treasure and then work with the passion towards creating something unique.

Read Deeply
Do your homework. With all the resources available online, you have no excuse but to produce a masterpiece. Dedicate enough time to the project, reading to understand, not just to get past the mountain of resources. Remember why the generals in East Asia had to read “The Art Of War” severally even though the book was only a few chapters that could be read in hours? To internalize facts, you have to read them more than once.

Sleep On It
Decisions don’t have to be made abruptly. Sleep on your thoughts and see how you like them in the morning. The cycle of sleep enables you to consolidate your thoughts and form memories so that your idea is better refined while you sleep. Also, looking at a plan or an article with fresh eyes helps you see changes that could improve it.

Now, Execute
When you are satisfied with your plan and have gone through the thought process, now is the time to execute. You have done thorough research and eliminated any contradiction, and you have thought deeply about the project. When you present your results, you will undoubtedly found a new solution and not a recycled plan.