The first step to achieving success is to determine what you are after or your goal. Whether you want to create a new social media platform or write the next great American novel, you first need to define, not think, what your goal is. You need to write down what your goal is in a single sentence. By identifying the single objective, you can move forward toward achieving it.

At times you may become overwhelmed with the ambition of your goal which may lead to you giving up. By setting practical and reachable steps toward your defined goal you are able to stay motivated and focused. Success builds off success so you want to avoid setting yourself up for failure. As you write down your steps you are making a checklist of smaller successes and working toward your dream. You should have completion dates to hold yourself accountable. Be sure to be practical when assigning timeframes as well.

Just like life, you will face setbacks. That is normal. What is important is that you understand why your progress was delayed. When you miss a completion date, do not make an excuse for yourself. Simply recognize the reason for the setback and adjust your steps. It does no good if you make excuses for yourself. Instead, simply acknowledge and move forward.

One of the greatest tools to use in life is another perspective. Surround yourself with people that you trust and share with them your plan. They may have a suggestion you overlooked. Do not expect to know everything and when you run into a wall seek out others for inspiration and motivation. Some goals take years to realize, having a team of trusted advisors will help you along the road.