Managing a team is not an easy task at all. A team would have several brilliant individuals. The real test of the leader lies in the ability to harness this talent towards a common goal. He or she has to arouse an eager want in each member of the team to perform to his or her potential. It is not necessary for the team leader to be more knowledgeable or intelligent than his team members are.

The great Andrew Carnegie had once expressed a wish for the following words to be his epitaph. “Here lies a man who was wise enough to bring into his service men who knew more than he.” What do these words convey? He acknowledges the fact that his team members were more intelligent than he was. If this could be true of the great Andrew Carnegie, it could be true for people like you and me. Laura Porreca imbibes these feelings in her video presentation, “7 daily habits.”

Effective communication among the team members is of utmost importance. The hallmark of a good leader lies in this trait. The job of the leader of the team is to communicate with and inspire the team to achieve great heights. Acknowledging the efforts of the team members, however, small they may be is very important. This sends a positive signal to the team members that there is someone to appreciate their efforts. These small things matter a lot.

Laura Porreca is an inspirational speaker capable of gaining the rapt attention of the audience for considerable lengths of time. Following her tips and putting the same to practical use can improve the morale of the team members. This would help each member to perform to his potential, thereby resulting in the overall improvement of the functioning of the organization. This can result in the growth of the revenue and an improvement in the bottom line. Is that not what everyone is looking forward to in life?