How to be a Better Leader
Whether you’re a business owner, manager, teacher, coach, parents, etc. we can all use a little extra help in being a good leader. We all want to succeed in our leadership role but might be struggling with how to get there. Follow these simple tips and you will be feeling more like a leader in no time!

Set Clear Rules and Expectations
This is perhaps the most important piece of being a good leader. When you set clear and concise rules and expectations, everyone knows exactly what to expect from you. On your end, if you set these rules and expectations, you should always follow through with them and not stray. Straying from your rules or making expectations only leads to confusion and puts you in a position of looking unorganized or ill-prepared as a leader.

Communicate Effectively
Communication is the foundation of being a good leader. Everyone should know where you stand, but they should also feel that there is an open line of communication to come to you as a leader and discuss what is on their mind. A leader who hears and listens to others is well respected and will be revered as a leader in good authority.

Lead by Example
Finally, lead by example. In other words, be a good role model and example to the individuals you are leading. You will not only be setting a good example and standard of what you expect, but you will also be putting actions to your words, meaning that you are acting out what you set out within your rules and expectations. A good leader is always consistent between what he or she says and what he or she does, in order to avoid confusion among those that are being led.