They say practice makes perfect. When you sit down and read this phrase with the intention of really understanding, you might find great wisdom in it. The small habits and the small decisions we make everyday make up the great things in life. If you take the time to brush your hair and apply conditioning every night before sleep, you will manage to keep it in really good shape. If you take 30 minutes of your day to practice an instrument, you will work your way towards playing beautifully, even if you didn’t know how to hold it the first time.

This applies to every aspect of your life, even those that are not as tangible as these examples. Laura Porreca is a woman who has figured this out. She knows how to apply it to everyday life and she wants to share it with you so that you and your company can use it for your benefit.

Laura Porreca works with organizations to help them find the right way to connect, work together and empower employees to be the best version of themselves. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked with people on a personal level, as well as within groups, without letting any obstacles get in the way. Whether it’s because people don’t speak English fluently or because it’s hard to get a message across, she is ready to take on any challenge.

People have responded beautifully to her message and they tend to come back, grateful for the way in which she has changed their lives. If you feel like you need to do something to sort out the lack of communication and balance in your company, this is the one speaker you will want to put in front of your people. Let her work with them and with you in order to find a solution.