A great mind doesn’t necessarily equate to being an effective communicator. In fact, stage fright is a very real hurdle that prevents somebody from following through what could have been a revolutionary invention or idea. Unfortunately, the whole business ended even before the pitch. This insecurity can develop into a full-blown anxiety if unchecked. It starts and ends with the individual of course. But society throws a wrench that can further complicate things—interpersonal relationships.

Asserting yourself
There’s a huge difference between an introvert and an insecure person. While an introvert may be comfortable with his solitude, an insecure person is never calm. Even in isolation, he’s going to be wracked with self-doubt and second-guesses. In a business setting where interpersonal communication is called for, an insecure person will take “asserting yourself” to mean lashing out and being defensive. To be a successful leader, you need to minimize these organizational hurdles to make sure everybody knows that each and single one of their colleagues is on board with the overall vision.

Finding the Storyteller in You
You know why Apple presentations remain compelling even amid the criticisms, whether rightly or wrongly, that they are generally the same products? There’s a main element in the whole show: storytelling. In a fast-food culture, the art of storytelling is almost lost.

What Apple has done, especially with its former found Steve Jobs, is to tickle the imagination of its clients, even if sometimes it could not always deliver on its promise. But people forget because they get hooked into the story, and they believe in the fairy tale that there’s indeed going to be a happy ever after.
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