Communication is Key

Communication is a vital component for all human undertakings.It is part the means by which knowledge and information are gained, shared and transmitted. The way it is done can make or break the process of communications and every other process that is connected to it. This is one thing that Laura Porreca has a deep understanding of. Trained at the University of Miami, UNLV,with special training in TESL (teaching English as a second language), Laura Porreca has devoted a lifetime helping individuals and businesses go to the next level.

An Expert in Her Craft

Laura’s beginnings as a coach and consultant started with ate aching stint in South Florida. Her students did not have any knowledge of the English language. This had touched her deeply, as she saw the difficulty of not being able to communicate with other people in one’s community. She had seen how difficult it is to advance in life if one is not able to exchange knowledge and information with other people. Yet, she firmly believed that empowerment of a person starts with having the skills to communicate excellently. Laura believed that anyone can accomplish anything once they have the basic communication skills.

Three decades of coaching and standing as a consultant to people, Laura had seen how communications is a key tool from which strategy maybe crafted. She has worked with many business executives and owners who have wanted to grow their companies. The power comes from the combination of tapping into her mentees’ creative skills and critical thinking faculties. Laura Porreca has mastered the art of finding the strengths of her clients,harnessing the power of those strengths, while at the same time enhancing the areas where they have a weakness.

Based in Nevada, Laura can conduct training or coaching by having her come over in person. For those who opt to have virtual training,Laura also offers her services online. This removes the limitations for those who are in far-flung areas. Technology has effectively removed barriers to getting excellent training and coaching.