Are Your Engaging and Connecting With Your Employees?

You own a startup or you’re a manager in a Fortune 500 business. Do you think your level of engagement with employees is at an all-time high? Probably yes, maybe no! Well, that is a question you should be asking yourself.

Today, great leaders are not just managing employees, they are ensuring that employees are engaged, motivated, and inspired. If you overlook these workplace and managerial principles, you may end up with loss of engagement, increased anxiety, poor decision making, and loss of valuable employees. To create better relationships and engagement with employees you want to value and inspire them.

Let managers schedule one-on-one talks with individual employees. How does it feel as a restaurant manager to call a waiter and have a cup of coffee in the office as you talk about the workplace experience?

The waiter will feel honored, recognized, and inspired. Those intimate conversations with employees may help address concerns and issues that may otherwise remain buried in the sand.

You may also want to create a dialogue with employees by asking open-ended questions. Employees are more likely to express their ideas and opinions when they answer open-ended questions. Motivate your employees and recognize their effort, it will help foster good performance in the workplace.

You may think that saying thank you to your employees whenever they do a good job doesn’t pay, however, it goes a long way in motivating them. You also want to ask for feedback, input, and suggestions from employees, it will help you get into their mindset.

There are just so many things you can do to engage and connect with employees in the workplace, that said, make sure you remain a role model. If you want to find out how you can engage, inspire, and connect with employees, talk to us at Laura Porreca LLC.